Lifesize ICON 400

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LifeSize ICON 400

Since its inception, video conferencing systems were designed primarily for large meetings. Yet, it’s often the small teams that get the work done. The Lifesize Icon 400 is designed to bring the power of video collaboration to small meetings. Sized perfectly for huddle rooms and wherever small teams congregate, Lifesize Icon 400 delivers an unparalleled immersive experience that enables participants around the world to focus on sharing knowledge and achieving the objectives of the meeting. And when paired with Lifesize Cloud, there simply isn’t a more powerful, yet easy-to-use video conferencing solution in the world. 


DSS * 

Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS)* (minimum 1-year required with each product purchase)

Free standard delivery


  • Connect with Lifesize Cloud to add seamless call escalation, corporate and meetings directories, secure firewall/NAT traversal and automatic software updates. 
  • Escalating to a multiparty call couldn’t be easier. Simply accept an incoming call or click on a contact in your directory to add participants.
  • Record meetings and stream them live to any number of viewers with the push of a button.
  • Ad-hoc meetings begin in the unified directory. Search for a name, click and call.
  • The icons on the onscreen menu clearly convey the function or operation so you can click and complete quickly.
  • Start video calls quickly and easily with contacts pinned as favorites.
  • Lifesize Icon 400 is easy to install and configure.
  • Like all members in the Lifesize Icon Series, the Lifesize Icon 400 is designed for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value.

Leverage Lifesize Cloud or Lifesize Infrastructure*

Capitalize on the power of our cloud service or infrastructure application to deliver even more substantial benefits to your business. Simple point-to-point and mobile calls that can quickly escalate to multiparty calls by clicking on a name in a directory are strong enticements to hold meetings via video. For IT, simplified setup through auto-provisioning, video network management and secure NAT/firewall traversal will accelerate deployment.

Get on with the Meeting

Lifesize firmly believes that video calls should be rewarding experiences. That means getting the technology out of the way and making it about realizing the user’s meeting objectives.

Lifesize Icon 400 achieves that goal. The simplified remote and the user interface get you into your meeting quickly. The HD image and crystal clear audio erase distance and put everyone into the same space. Small meetings are even more productive and efficient,  and everyone leaves pleased because technology didn’t impede  meeting progress … it actually accelerated it. It’s another reason why Lifesize video calls are described as a Connected Experience.


  • Lifesize Icon 400 + Phone, 2nd Generation – 1000-0000-1175or
  • Lifesize Icon 400 + Digital Micpod – 1000-0000-1176


  • 1 Year AMS – 1000-21E0-1175, or
  • 2 Year AMS – 1000-22E0-1175, or
  • 3 Year AMS – 1000-23E0-1175

Product Documents

Assurance Maintenance Services:

Download The Lifesize AMS Description of Services

Assurance Maintenance Services (AMS) are additional and are available at time of purchase; prices vary per product; and are Mandatory 1-year minimum on all LifeSize products, 2 and 3 year AMS’s can also be purchased. 

Lifesize Icon 400 Data Sheet

Lifesize AMS Description of Services


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