Poly Studio P5 Kits

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Professional Webcam and Headset or Speakerphone

  • Everything you need in one box
  • Simple to set up
  • Exceptional camera optics and automatic low-light compensation
  • Hear and be heard wherever you work
  • You can take it with you: small, rugged and portable
  • Make life simple: easy to use, setup, manage and troubleshoot
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Poly Studio P5 Kits have everything you need for a professional video conferencing experience at home or wherever you’re working. Each one includes a webcam and headset or personal speakerphone in one package that’s easy to set up.

Ready. Set. Meet!

Professional Webcam and Headset or Speakerphone
Crystal-clear audio and video in one easy to use and setup package. The Poly Studio P5 kit will kick your video calls into another gear. It starts with a Poly Studio P5 webcam with precision-tuned camera optics that will make you look so good you’ll own the conversation. Pair with a pro-grade headset or smart speakerphone for incredible audio clarity. It’s even simple for IT to manage with Poly Lens.

Poly Studio P5 Kits

Move and Groove

Webcam and Wireless Headset Combo with Freedom to Move
The Poly Studio P5 Kit with Voyager 4220 UC includes a professional webcam and wireless headset with crisp stereo audio and noise-cancelling dual headset mics.

Look like a Pro. Sound like a Pro.

Premium Speakerphone and Webcam Combo for the High-performance Professional
Ready to go next level? Poly Studio P5 Kit with Poly Sync 20+ includes a professional webcam and smart Bluetooth/USB speakerphone all in one package.

Pro-grade for the pro in You

Professional Webcam and Wired Headset Kit
Choose the Blackwire 3325 for high-quality stereo or leave one ear free with the monaural Blackwire 3210.

Meet like You Mean It

Your Image Is Everything
Do wonders for your professional image with the Poly Studio P5 webcam. Fine-tuned Poly optics make you look so good that you’ll own the conversation. All in a small, rugged webcam that’s super easy to set up and use. It’s even simple for IT to manage with Poly Lens.

Pro-grade Camera Optics

Incredible Color and Clarity
Automatic low-light compensation and brilliant colours make you look your best, without being left in the dark. The 1080p resolution with 4x digital zoom camera puts the focus on you, right where it belongs.

Focused Directional Microphone

They’ll Hear What They’re Meant to Hear
The Poly Studio P5’s directional microphone clearly captures your voice while ignoring the distracting noise that interrupts your calls. For the best experience, pair it with a Poly headset or speakerphone so you’re ready to tackle your most critical conversations with confidence.

Space Saver

Free up USB Ports
Streamline your setup by using a Poly headset or speakerphone connected wirelessly to the Poly Studio P5 webcam. Just pop open the rear garage door, park your USB-A wireless adapter and presto! Your audio and video are ready to go.

The Freedom to Work How You Want

Works with Any Video App
There’s nothing to learn. The Poly Studio P5 works with the video apps you already know. A simple USB connection to your PC or Mac will transform your video conferencing experience.

Avoid the Not-so-funny Video Fails

Get the privacy shutter you really, really need
The clothing-optional kid. The dog starved for attention. You may be camera-ready, but everything behind you may not be. The integrated privacy shutter on the Poly Studio P5 gives you an extra level of control to ensure you’re not seen at the wrong time. Along with anyone else.

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